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Broadband Directional Backup Alarm, Heavy Duty

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Heard Where It Matters The Most

Broadband backup alarms emit unique multi-frequency sound that is instantly locatable and quickly dissipates outside the danger zone. Conventional backup alarms cause nuisance and irritation to workers and local residents creating a false alarm that is heard outside the danger zone. A stress-free self-adjusting alarm (Smart Alarm) is available in the HD series that adjusts its output to 5-10dB above ambient.


Instant location of a sound-source

Built tough, durable and waterproof (IP68)

Conform to SAE J994 environmental standards

Solid-state and epoxy-sealed for additional protection against water and vibration

Can be steam-cleaned and pressure-hosed

Available self-adjusting (87-107dB) smart alarm

CE and e marked (EMC)

Lifetime Warranty

Made in EU

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  • Model: BG01BBS-10*

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