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RAC PLUS Series Distance Measuring Instruments

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JAMAR DMI’s are The Most Advanced, Simplest To Use and Accurate To 1 Foot Per Mile Even At Low Speed.

Tight budgets and smaller staffs demand greater productivity. With only so many hours in a day, better equipment is one of the few ways to get more done in less time. The RAC Plus brings the accuracy, reliability and productivity of using a vehicle installed distance-measuring instrument within the reach of everyone.



All distance and speed information can be read directly from the RAC Plus I's display - no software is required to view your data.  Five-year warranty.  New Smaller Case: 7.8"W X 2.3"H X 1.2"D.

Features & Info:


·         Brightest Dual LED Display.

·         Four Brightness Levels: easily accessible.

·         Accurate: to 1 foot per mile, even in slow speed applications.

·         Menu Driven: Accessible by the MENU button.

·         Distance Conversion: from Feet to Miles/1000ths to Kilometers/meters.

·         Count & Display Hold: Freeze the display while continuing to accumulate distance.

·         Pre Distance: Set a Pre-Distance value if starting at a known distance location.

·         Interval Distance: Display distance intervals between points of interest.

·         Automatic Calibration: on all vehicles and up to four separate vehicles.

·         Distance Pulse Output: to a laptop computer or ancillary equipment.

·         Self-Test: performed each time the DMI is turned on.

·         Direct Plug-in Compatibility: for quick and easy upgrade to the latest technology.



All the features of the RAC Plus I and:

·         Stores up to 400,000 events in its internal memory.

·         GPS Distance Measuring along with GPS Coordinates.

·         Store up to 30 hours of continuous GPS data, at one second intervals which is a powerful inventory tool.

·         Detailed analysis and reporting can be done with the optional RACPro w/ Mapping software.

·         Several Data Retrieval & Processing Options for precise reporting and analysis.

·         Unmatched GPS Recording Accuracy with WAAS technology.


The RAC measuring device has the lowest signal detection on the market today.  Some vehicles do not provide speed signal under 3 mph or do not have compatible vehicle speed signal; in those circumstances, the magnetic speed sensor is your choice as a substitute to the vehicle kit or can be added as an addition to the vehicle kit.

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