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Web-Based Surveillance and GPS Tracking Systems

If You Have a Vehicle, Boat, or Fleet of Trucks

Our Innovative Services and GPS Products Allow You To

Track and Monitor Your Mobile Resources Wherever They Are

We offer an integrated hardware/software wireless solutions designed to track and monitor consumer and commercial assets on land and in the water in North America.  Also, a customized highly sophisticated version of the system is available to enhance the safety and security of executives, security vehicles, armored cars, and mobile professionals.

At the consumer or commercial level, we can offer high-end integrated systems that combine audio, video, and GPS tracking to provide a comprehensive high-security solution.


  • Vehicle movement detection
  • GPS satellite tracking on digital street-level maps
  • Remote starter disable/enable
  • Low battery notification
  • Reports speed threshold violations
  • History of usage and reports
  • Vehicle control commands can be initiated such as door lock/unlock, shutting off the engine, activating on-board audio/video devices and more!


  • Easy stolen or lost asset recovery
  • Track your assets in transit while over water or land
  • Eliminate worry when your children or love ones have your car or boat
  • Ability to monitor elderly drivers in case of disorientation
  • Reduce theft/unauthorized use of your assets
  • Increasing revenue by verifying efficiency of fleet utilization

 Please email or call us for assistance with equipment and plans that suit your application!

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