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Federal Signal Model 651 Plus, Compact Strobe Beacon

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Federal Signal's Model 651 Plus utilizes a replaceable, helical strobe tube and an optically superior, Fresnel dome to maximize light output and completely fill the dome.

These strobes are multi-volt (12-48VDC) and use 12-joule power supplies for brilliant warning signals. All 651 Plus DC models feature an “open-style” aluminum base with a flexible rubber mounting gasket. Necessary mounting hardware is included with all models. Dimensions: 6.51”D X 5.44”H.



·         Double Flash, 12-48VDC.

·         Open-style aluminum base.

·         SAE J845 Class 2 (SAE J1318 Class 2, 2009) approved.

·         Advanced dome optics direct light output for maximum effectiveness.

·         12-Joule power output.

·         5-Year Warranty.

Suggested Options:

Branch Guard: protects the beacon from accidental damage.

Dust Cover with black top disc: protects the beacon inner lens and enhances the horizontal beam disbursement.

Flush/Pipe Mount Polycarbonate or Aluminum Base: allows the beacon to be surface mounted to any flat surface. Pipe adapter (1” NPT) is integrated into the base for pipe mounting option.

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  • Model: FS01M651DC****
  • Manufactured by: Federal Signal

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