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Federal Signal Sentry Rotating Halogen Permanent Mount Beacon 12VDC

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Federal Signal’s Sentry beacon is a reliable, effective warning light in an attractive, compact package.

The light’s design is the result of Federal’s many years of experience as the leader in vehicle warning beacons.



The Sentry’s large parabolic reflector and brilliant 55-watt halogen bulb combine to produce an intense 80,000 candelas per flash. Excellent 360º warning coverage with 95 or 175 flashes per minute rotators.  Permanent mount with a vibration absorbing neoprene pad. Dimensions: 6.4”D X 6.5”H.


·         Permanent Mount.

·         12VDC Version.

·         Powerful 80,000-candela halogen rotator.

·         Twist-off dome for easy maintenance.

·         Compact housing mounts virtually anywhere.

·         Field replaceable parts.

·         Rugged, non-corrosive polycarbonate housing.

·         5-Year warranty.

Options to choose from:

Branch Guard: to protect your light from tree branches and other objects and can be used with or without the base plate.

Pipe Mount Kit: used when pipe mounting this light is needed. It includes base plate, matching pipe flange and hardware for 1/2” or 3/4” pipe.

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  • Model: FS01SENTRY-P
  • Manufactured by: Federal Signal

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