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Hand-Held Mobile Preemption Emitter, Priority Green



Designed specifically for on-foot traffic control, the rugged and lightweight MPE is perfect for police, fire, construction site traffic controllers, etc.

Compatible with all 3M Opticom and Tomar StrobeCom Non-Encrypted Systems


In those situations where preemption would offer controlled and extended traffic flow in one direction only, such as traffic diversion around an accident or during construction at an intersection, a hand-held unit offers the greatest flexibility while simultaneously increasingly the margin for safety.

Also perfect for testing intersections equipped with preemption receivers. System testing within the intersection allows for the close range observation of the changing traffic signal sequence.  Dimensions: 2.25"Dia. X 14.50"L.

Features & Benefits:

·         Rugged Watertight Construction

·         Will not work with encoded systems

·         Operates on 4 "D" cell batteries

·         Ergonomic comfortable grip Hand-Held Design

·         Limited Range (up to 500') to prevent use in moving vehicles

·         Superior flexibility to vehicle-mounted preemption; increases safety margin

·         Versatile uses from traffic control to testing traffic signal preemption receivers

The device is NOT intended for use in moving vehicles.


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  • Model: PG-MPE
  • Manufactured by: PriorityGreen